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Residential CCTV & SECURITY

When it comes to CCTV and security systems for your home HLS Technology Solutions have various systems to offer.  The systems that we recommend will give you great coverage and they will also be designed to look great on your home.   

All our camera systems include a free app so you can view your cameras when you are away.  If you are considering installing a camera system you can rest assured that HLS will design a system to meet all your needs and most importantly your budget.  Most of the systems that we offer come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and there are NO monthly fees unless you want an all-inclusive service agreement.

When one of our representatives visits you at your home they will explain how the cables will be installed.  We have various ways to conceal the cables to give you a professional, neat, and clean installation.  Your friends and family will wonder how we could hide the cables without installing them during construction.  If you are considering cameras in new construction it is best to get us in there prior to the insulation contractors.  

Each home is unique and typically, we suggest installing a monitor centrally located in the kitchen so you can see who is on your property at any time.  We also have ways to have the cameras displayed on your existing televisions if requested through modulators or direct connections.  


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