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4K, IP,and HD over Coax Solutions


At HLS we custom design each and every system and pay close attention to detail when doing so.  We will consider the reason for the desired system and how you plan to utilize it.  Most importantly we consider your budget and will always give the most bang for your buck.  IP and 4K cameras offer the best quality recording and playback on the market.  However is you have a facility or home that is already wired with coax for older analog cameras that's not a problem.  We have HD over coax solutions where we can utilize your existing cables and install HD cameras that are equivalent to 5 mega pixel IP cameras.  When viewing live and recorded video you can hardly tell the difference.  The main difference is using the digital zoom functions because on IP cameras you can zoom approximately 5x's without getting a distorted image.  The HD over coax cameras are not as clear.  However if you have a big enough monitor there is really no reason to use the zoom function.  If you have an existing system and the cameras have a decent image we can save you money by reusing the cameras into a new hybrid recorder.  This will allow you to mix and match analog, HD over coax, and IP cameras on the same platform.  With over 30 years of experience you can be rest assured that HLS will find a solution for any location or locations that you would like on the same platform.

Custom Installtions

Many situations demand surveillance while there may be no power or no internet available such as storage lots, farms, parking lots, and special events. Wireless solar powered security cameras  are the solution. With this technology a camera can be mounted anywhere including custom portable trailers, tops of poles, and even hinged poles for easy deployment.  Off grid solar powered security cameras also stream video off site to our central station through 3G and 4G networks.  

3 Year Warranty-ONVIF Compliant-TeamViewer Remote Support-Hybrid Solutions
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