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How important is security in property management?

Secure entrance

The answer is very much so!

Security affects many things when considering property management. Security is not on to protect you from robbery, vandalism, and break-ins. Security is an essential tool for marketing your property, managing your property, limiting liability on your property, creating piece of mind at your property and generating MORE REVENUE at your property. You may think of security as an expense but it is actually an investment.

Workers at risk

The answer is all of them!

  • All people are concerned about security and access to their buildings.

  • All people feel safer when they know their cars are parked in lots with recorded video.

  • All people feel safer when they see cameras around a facility.

  • All people feel safer when they see cameras in stairwells and elevators.

  • Companies will pay more money for a more secured location.

Tight on funding? No worries.

Leasing options

Ask yourself these 10 questions about the security of your building.

  1. Do your tenants feel safe in their environment?

  2. Do you have an access control system such as cards or keypads?

  3. Do you have telephone access or intercoms for visitors after hours?

  4. Do you have a security system or panic buttons?

  5. Do you have a camera system in your facility?

  6. Is your existing camera systems IP or Analog?

  7. What was the primary reason for installing cameras?

  8. Are you happy about the way images are recorded?

  9. Would you like to monitor (view) your office while you are away?

  10. Are you happy with your current servicing company

lease agreement

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