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Mass Notification without breaking the bank

Recently HLS Technology Solutions became a dealer for SecureTech Systems because we were contacted by a large facility looking to have some sort of loud speakers installed. The problem they were having is anytime they made announcements only a small percentage of people could hear it. This was mainly due to the fact that it is very loud inside and outside, plus there are a lot of dump trucks and machines driving all over the place.

Motorola Radios

During our conversation I noticed the Safety Director communication with people over his Motorola radio and that made me think of a product that I sold approximately 15 years ago. I just sat back and listened to his issues and toured the facility. Once I got back to my office I searched out the company to see if they were still in business. When I found out they were I contacted them to learn about the new products they have to offer.

I was actually amazed at how this system has grown and expanded to do a lot more than just send emergency messages over radios. This system now has the ability to add virtual buttons on computers, sends text messages, integrates with wireless panic buttons, and much more. As I researched this product and had conversations with the regional sales manager I found that there were other locations that can possibly use this system. Therefore, we scheduled some on-site demonstrations of the system for a few of my clients and all of them were very interested in the system. Especially since we could now notify all of the drivers that wouldn't be able to hear the announcements anyway.

This system is also a great way to notify employees of weather conditions such as lightning, snow, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more. The inputs and output with this system are pretty much limitless.

SecureTech Wave


Campus Security

SecureTech's WAVE Plus system is the most effective critical incident notification system on the market. It is the fastest way to contact law enforcement and other first responders in an emergency when lives are at stake.

Police Officer

In an emergency situation, seconds count. At the start of a critical incident, the time it takes to communicate with the first responders who are closest to the scene can make all the difference in the world. SecureTech's WAVE Plus system instantly transmits detailed messages directly to law enforcement officers and other first responders over the two-way radios already used by local law enforcement agencies and other first responders. Instead of waiting for a dispatcher or call center operator to process the alarm, your call for help goes directly to first responders so they can react immediately. This can shave critical minutes off response times.

Network Connections

Already in use at more than 2,000 facilities across the USA and Canada, SecureTech's WAVE PLUS system is the most effective and feature-rich critical incident notification system available.

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