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South Carolina listed as #6 in the Country for equipment theft from construction sites.

Eqyuipment theft in South Carolina

Construction equipment and material theft is big business, and it's growing. Estimates say that theft and vandalism account for $1 billion a year in losses and other costs to builders, a number that steadily rose 10 percent since 1996 and is expected to continue growing.

Construction jobsite theft losses are more than just the costs of losing expensive equipment and materials. Contracts have to pay to replace or rent equipment to finish the job. There's also the costs of downtime and project overruns if the missing equipment and materials delay a project. Plus, insurance premiums may increase.

Due to the remote settings of most construction worksites, the equipment left overnight at such locations is often seen as open prey by thieves. The problem has actually been enabled to some degree by the fact that many of these sites don't even have proper security. In order to lower the risk of your fleet being targeted, it's important to strengthen your yard.

The measures that could make your fleet more secure don't need to be costly or complex; in many cases, lighting, motion sensors, and CCTV are the main things needed to secure your site. For maximum protection and a more proactive approach we recommend remote video monitoring.

If your site looks even slightly more secure than average, a lot of thieves will skip it for a more vulnerable location. But remember a lot of them won’t.

Do you think this sign will keep the thieves out?

No Trespassing Sign

If this person had better quality cameras they could have identified the thieves. Make sure you have quality cameras not the $99.00 specials.

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