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Long term storage for CCTV

HLS Technology Solutions is proud to announce that we are now a dealer for ProActive-CCTV long term storage.

ProActive-CCTV is a software development and business-building consulting company. Recently, we have developed the only affordable, practical onsite and offsite video storage backup solution that appeals to all end users of video surveillance systems. Having been market-tested and proven to be well-received by thousands of clients, ProActive-CCTV is bringing this technology and marketing expertise to dealers throughout the country.

ProActive partners stand out in the crowd of integration companies, winning business solely on the merits of this revolutionary video storage backup solution.

The understanding of our partners' needs comes from 25 years of experience as a major CCTV Installation Company.

Our newest custom-designed video compression software is designed to offer a truly affordable long-term video data storage solution across all major DVR & NVR platforms. Our software allows fully customizable backup solutions to meet any storage requirement. Paramount to our program is the protection of the end users' data, as well as the reputation of our installing partners.

How our backup software works:

Our innovative Proactive Hybrid CCTV integration software is designed to send dual compressed videos files to an independent onsite storage server for the purposes of creating a low cost, long-term and reliable backup system. Our innovative approach combines adjustments to quality, resolution and frame rate with compression that allows us to reduce files by 94.6%. This makes it possible to archive data for long periods of time without the need for Internet connectivity. Additionally, these files can be uploaded to a remote server as well as to the Cloud with the same efficiency.

Our backup software contains algorithms specifically designed to compress and archive video data from any existing PC or standalone DVR or NVR with current output protocols. Our software archives video data for an extended period of time without the need for costly enterprise level hardware and maintenance.

The software receives a video stream from the recorder and compresses video data into manageable size files that are then exported to onsite and offsite storage media in a perfectly useable configuration for archival purposes.

We can set quality, resolution and frame rates independently for both local storage and offsite configurations to maximize the amount of data archived, while minimizing the cost to the end-user. This is addressable by camera. Our typical video backup archives are set for 3FPS and save up to 3 years on just 8 terabytes of onsite HDD. For further protection of the end users video data, and at a very affordable monthly price, we highly recommend the last 30 days be saved in the cloud.

Proactive-CCTV Hybrid Pro

  • Supports 32 cameras on clients' network

  • 3 Years Of Onsite Storage

  • Can support up to 3 years of cloud storage

  • Remote retrieval & playback of video data

  • 2 Megabits upload speed minimum

  • 2 Year Warranty On Proactive Server

  • Supports existing equipment

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