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The biggest fear for business owners when considering upgrading older analog CCTV systems is cabling

When shopping around for the perfect surveillance equipment for your business, resolution should be at the top of your priority list. The right resolution ensures that the images acquired are usable. For example, high resolution cameras can allow you to spot details—such as license plate numbers or facial features—that lower resolutions cannot, which may come in handy when trying to identify a suspect. With the new HD over Coax technology, you can provide your business with high-resolution video and enhanced security at a very affordable price.

HD over Coax is ideal for companies that have an existing analog infrastructure in place and would like to reduce overall cost and are looking to upgrade their cameras to 720p or 1080p. It is also great for new installations, if your budget is extremely limited.

All of our systems can be accessed from just about any device on the market. So the next time you think that it is going to cost a fortune to get HD quality cameras installed on your existing cables, think again and consider HD/CVI Technology.

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