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Securing Properties for Higher Qualified Workers and Higher Lease Rates for Owners & Property Ma

When a potential building occupant or potential employee visits a site for the first time one of the first thing he or she evaluates is how safe and clean the area is. If they feel the parking lots are unsafe or the building is not secure they may think twice about working, visiting, or leasing your building. When they see a clean and well maintained location and notice cameras, security guards, or emergency call boxes they feel much safer.

"10 Ways toAttract more companies to your buildings and make your tenants feel safer"

  1. Install CCTV for parking lots and lobbies

  2. Increase Lighting for parking lots and stairwells

  3. Install access control to building and bathrooms

  4. Install emergency alarm boxes in remote areas

  5. Offer fiber optic connectivity for the entire building

  6. Create a green environment and an energy efficient space

  7. Survey existing tenants to see how safe they feel

  8. Install sounders on emergency exit doors

  9. Utilize camera apps to monitor parking lots

  10. Install telephone access systems for after hours

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