CCTV for Construction Management, Marketing, and Safety Checks

Did you know that CCTV systems can be used for other things such as Construction Management, Time-lapse Recording for Marketing, Safety Checks for OSHA Compliance, Guard Tour, Slip and Fall Defense, Remote Escorting, and Checking on Status of Deliveries? When it comes to CCTV systems it is always a good idea to “Think outside of the box.” Remember, CCTV is a technology, and purchasing or leasing these systems is a good idea for more than one reason, as detailed below. 

This is “Technology that pays you back”

Construction Management

Dispatching project managers to job site can be a costly expense, especially if your projects are located out of state. When you consider the cost of labor, gas, food, lodging, and down time due to traffic it adds up really fast. Imagine if your project manager can check on the projects daily via his cell phone or laptop. This will allow him or her the ability to manage more locations and be much more efficient. Instead of being on the road 5 days a week they can travel 2 or 3 days and work on more important things.

Safety Checks

If you are working on a project that is very safety conscious and requires hard hats, is subject to confined space requirements or needs cones set up, this, this could be a full-time job to manage. Again this can cost a lot of money to have someone monitor these requirements on site. With our systems we can set up procedures for our operators to check for these items remotely. If they notice anything that is not correct they can notify your project manager right away and then let him or her contact the site to comply.

Slip and Fall Defense

In today’s world there are a lot of people that prey on businesses and large corporations. These people claim to have slipped or been injured in order to sue for damages. Some people make a career out of this and when this happens in various states there is really no pattern that shows up.  The best defense to cases like this is having video recordings of the event. A small investment can save you thousands if not millions of dollars.

Don’t forget about the down time, insurance spikes, labor, headaches, and replacement cost when this happens.
South Carolina listed as #6 in the Country for equipment theft from construction sites.

Construction equipment and material theft is big business, and it's growing. Estimates say that theft and vandalism account for $1 billion a year in losses and other costs to builders, a number that steadily rose 10 percent since 1996 and is expected to continue growing.

Construction jobsite theft losses are more than just the costs of losing expensive equipment and materials. Contracts have to pay to replace or rent equipment to finish the job.

There's also the costs of downtime and project overruns if the missing equipment and materials delay a project. Plus, insurance premiums may increase.

How much did you lose in theft last year?

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